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4.3" TFT-LCD Touch button car reverse rear view clip on Monitor (Ext. DVD Screen)
This rear view kit merges parking sensor buzzer and rear view display. The command module compatibility with any car TFT-LCD Monitor with video inputs, with this feature, the parking sensor signal can be displayed on theMirror monitor or other TFT-LCD Monitor you owned and notifies the driver of the distance and the position of obstacles by means of visual display and acoustic beep. The rear view mirror monitor is designed for car rear view purpose,which can work with a reversing camera (NTSC or PAL) to show the images behind your car, with good compatibility with multimedia parking sensor system beside the camera. With dual video input, it can be connected to a car DVD player, too. When reversing gear is engaged the rear view system automatically starts to work and when the monitor is powered off, the mirror functions just like a normal rear view mirror with anti-glare function. Universal clip-on style suits for any car.

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Image device 1/4-inch colour
TV system NTSC
Resolution 480 TV lines
Electric Shutter NTSC :720Lines.25Field/sec
Effective pixels NTSC: 720X 480
Minimum illumination 0.3Lux
Viewing angle 170 degrees (diagonal)
S/N ratio >48dB (AGC-OFF)
Video output RCA connector, 1.0vp-p, 75ohm
Current consumption ≤120mA
Power supply DC8V-12V
Operating temperature -30 to 65 degrees centigrade, RH95% Max.
Storage temperature -35 to 70 degrees centigrade, RH95% Max.
Other items automatic white balance, AGC and BLC
Water-proof Yes, to IP68 standard


Power supply 10.5V~15V (12V normal )
Current consumption <=250mA
Operating temperature -30~60℃
Storage temperature -35~70℃
Warning range 10cm min. 150cm max
Display range 40cm min. 200cm max.
Dimensions of sensor 22.5 mm
Buzzer volume 80dB

Package Includes:
1 x 4.3" mirror monitor
1 x Command Module
1 x Camera
4 x Detachable sensors
4 x Sensor connection cables
1 x Mirror monitor power cable
1 x Camera power cable
1 x Module video input cable
1 x Module camera input cable
1 x 3M sticker& 4 sensor rubber rings
2 x Screws
1 x Sensor hole borer
1 x Manual